at the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium

Coffee, Carbs and Registration at 8:30am,

Program 9:00am to 3pm-ish


Save your space! Get all the updates on everything AOC (and that's a lot.)

Join us for the day and find out what's going on and what's coming up.

There'll be networking, news, and a little fun.

Registration includes lunch, too.



or text AOC18 to 51555



You can use the same registration link or text to grab a table. Exhibitor registration includes two attendees, lunches, promotion, all the good stuff.

For more information, contact info@cuyahogariver.org

or call 216-241-2414 x610


The biennial Area of Concern Symposium is when we bring together stakeholders, interested members of the public, and those who are involved, or would like to be involved, with the Cuyahoga River and the Lake Erie tributaries that comprise the AOC.


The day begins with coffee, tea, a little nosh, and greetings.


Here's what the day will bring:


  • A few words from Don Walters, Mayor of Cuyahoga Falls, this year's host city
  • A report on the Great Lakes AOC program, big wins across the basin, and its future, from Mark Loomis of USEPA's Great Lakes National Program Office
  • A spotlight on the Cuyahoga, recent data, improvements, and projects underway and on the horizon from Bill Zawiski of Ohio EPA's Northeast District Office
  • Table talks with participants joining in half-hour discussions about AOC topics such as
    > the state of fish and macroinvertebrate populations and habitat, with
       Rob Curtis from Summit Metro Parks, Chris Davis from Cuyahoga Valley National Park,
       and the latest green bulkhead work from Cuyahoga River Restoration,
    > the state of fish tumors and deformities, with Jo Ann Banda from U.S. Fish and Wildlife,
    > the Beach Closings and Recreational Contact impairment with NEORSD and Tinker's
       Creek, and
    > conversations about how we might engage more local governments, communities of
       color, and immigrant populations in the work.
  • Our featured KEYNOTE SPEAKER Chris Winslow, Director of Ohio Sea Grant
  • Lunch
  • Poster session featuring university research and subwatershed groups and projects, networking time, time to visit exhibitors
  • An update on conservation and restoration efforts in CVNP with Lisa Petit,
  • Cleveland's 2019 anniversary celebrations and local officials' involvement in stewardship,
  • Next steps for the Cuyahoga AOC with Advisory Committee Chair Jenn Grieser,
  • and, as they say, much more...
  • Throughout the day there will be polling, trivia questions, networking opportunities, and time to visit our exhibitors.


It will be a day packed full of information, interactivity, and even some fun.


Join us!

Thanks to our 2018 Symposium Sponsors!

Photos from the last symposium -
don't miss this one!

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